My last night at Revival Church is tonight

I’m ready to burn one last time in Michigan! Tonight’s my last night at Revival Church…see you there!

Tonight’s it!

After nearly six years of amazing adventures in Michigan tonight is the last time I’ll be ministering at Revival Church, at least while still living here!

I can’t wait to cast the vision for full blown, intense revival and to connect with some of Detroit’s most amazing warriors!

Prayer starts at 6:15pm and the service begins at 7pm!


We’ll be loading up the moving truck on Wednesday, March 11th at 1pm. It will be the EASIEST move you’ve ever experienced. Everything is already in the living/dining room and garage, ready to be put on the truck. With help we should knock it out in an hour. Can you help? PLEASE let me know. We’ll also need help doing some minor cleaning to make the house ready for the new owners.

Big, Exciting & Important Revival Church Announcement!

After four years of sharing a property, Revival Church and theLab are moving into our own building!

And, we are also announcing a BRAND NEW schedule, so read on and get all of the details!


I will be following up on this email with a very special and important message in the next 24 hours.

Please be in prayer and allow yourself to get excited about helping us get setup as a house of prayer.

I will share specific needs with you and you will have the opportunity to donate toward a specific item (kind of like a gift registry!).

**You can now see the needs HERE! (Link will open in a new window)


Our primary service is moving from Sunday evening to Saturday evening!

Our first service in our new location will be Saturday, July 13th at 7pm. Come early for coffee and Prep Room (prayer) at 6pm!


  • Saturday 7pm Prep Room 6pm Intercession & Teaching 7pm
  • Monday 7pm Prep Room Study of Historic Revivals
  • Tuesday 7pm Soaking Prayer Teaching on Intimacy with God
  • Wednesday 7pm Prep Roomimage Bible Study
  • Thursday 7pm theLab Classes (when in session)
  • Friday 7pm Prayer & Ministry in the City

Grand Opening Weekend

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 27th & Sunday, July 28th!

We are excited to have very special guest Richard Crisco with us on Sunday, July 28th at 7pm.

More details to follow.


26091 Sherwood Avenue, Warren, MI 48091


So, you are tired of church as usual? OK! Get ready!

Revival Church and theLab are focused on white hot prayer and equipping of hungry, remnant Christians. Our new property is set up more like a school than a church. In fact, very interestingly, a previous business in the building was a lab! How fitting is that?

You will have a unique opportunity to connect with a small group of Believers who are passionate about large scale revival—and who are devoted to learning how to pray, discovering intimacy with God, encountering the Holy Spirit and preparing for ministry.

We can’t wait to get started on July 13th! (In the mean time, we are still meeting on Sundays in our current location. See you this week!)