Can you forward this to your pastor? Carrying fire to the cities of the Earth

I need your help! I’m heading on the road full time to consult, teach, equip and carry fire!

It would mean a lot if you would forward the following to your pastor! I’m ready to hit the road and serve with passion!


I’d love to give you a call and learn more about you and your ministry. Is there a time that would work?

We are in such a critical and powerful season where God is awakening those who are ready to burn hot for Jesus. God has been wrecking and rocking me lately and I’m carrying the resulting message everywhere he leads.

If you feel an event would benefit your church, I don’t require a minimum honorarium or a minimum sized crowd. I will sleep on the floor if it means revival can be fueled in your region!

When I travel I enjoy the opportunity to pour into leadership teams and the body through equipping, encouraging, imparting strategies and calling people higher!

You can learn a little about what makes my heart burn by reading my articles in Charisma Magazine:


You can also view my bio at if you’d like to take a look.

The short version is:


  • I’ve planted two churches, one in Colorado and one in Detroit.
  • I’ve written ten books on the topics of prayer, reformation, equipping and revival. You can read several of these books for FREE if you’d like to learn more about us at!
  • I directed one of the primary internships, Intro to IHOP, at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.
  • I crave being in God’s presence with other hungry people!
  • I also believe strongly in the local church and would love to serve your mission.

Contact me any time via email at [email protected] or phone at 719.231.6000.

FYI, I often hear from pastors looking to book an event about whether I’ll come and minister to a small crowd. I absolutely will!

I know God is ready to pour out in any fiery, hungry environment!

I can’t wait to hear from you!


clip_image006Dear John,

When we invited you we anticipated an unusual move of God in our church but had no idea how much you would ignite the fire of God in hearts and set us on the path to revival. What a tremendous week it has been! Thanks for all that you, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, have invested in us this week. One of these days there will be a mighty sound coming from the south. It will be the sound of revival and of a raging fire of the Spirit in Haiti. READ THE ENTIRE LETTER HERE.

Jean Heder Petit-Frere



“John is dangerously prophetic, provoking passion in those in pursuit of revival. In just a few short years, I have witnessed the impact of his obedience to Christ in a region bound by division & religion. His mandate is one of radical devotion, raising up burning ones and releasing them into new levels in their kingdom assignment.”

Marcellis Smith, Lead Pastor
Jubilee City
clip_image008Detroit, MI

John Burton is a man with unquenchable passion for God. His life is a living Epistle of the truth that the Kingdom of God is not just in word, but in power. He lights fires wherever he goes leaving behind the unmistakable fragrance of the life of Christ. I highly recommend his ministry to you.

Glenn Bleakney
President of Awake Nations

“John won’t serve yesterdays’ manna, old wine, or an ear tickling message! His ears are tuned to hear the Word of the LORD and bring a piercing message to people who hunger for truth. Your community will be awakened, provoked, and equipped! Be prepared to encounter God, experience His power & presence and transform your world!”
Chris Ferguson, District Pastor Forerunner Christian Fellowship
International House of Prayer
Kansas City, MO

John Burton is a great man of God that is blessed with numerous gifts that serve as a blessing to the body of Christ. I would highly recommend him to anyone in ministry or the business world. He is full of integrity and does very quality work.
Jeremiah Johnson

“John, thanks so much for listening to God’s heart! It changed my life. I’m crying, but I feel happy inside- a happiness I’ve never felt.”

“John Burton is a man who has continued to allow himself to be thrust into the middle of what God is doing. He not only hears from Heaven, but is willing to boldly shout it from the rooftops. If John is stirred about something, I would recommend that you listen.”
JD King, International Director World Revival Network of Ministries

Burning ones in Detroit : A school of fire : $200 discount

theLab is a school of the Holy Spirit that’s raising up burning ones for Detroit and the nations of the Earth.


There are a few key strategies for releasing revival in the city of Detroit that we are deeply involved in—and you are invited to run with us at theLab.

Everybody involved with theLab is stunned at the grace and miraculous power that has landed here. The spirit of revival is truly visiting us and we are inviting Detroit and the nations to burn with us.

imageHost theLab Team in your church

Invite our team to facilitate a powerful school of burning in your church. We are available to travel domestically or internationally and hold weekend, seven day or one month long sessions. We will prophetically impart the fire and life of God into those who register for the school. We’ll train in revival, prayer and city impact and look forward to investing deeply into everybody!

imagetheLab Prayer Events

Pray Magazine interviewed me about prayer-fueled city strategies and I made a simple yet powerful point:

It’s impossible to hate or compete with other pastors if you are praying blessing and the life of Jesus into their lives.

This is the Friday night strategy. I’ve heard much about the struggles within the landscape of the church in Detroit. The fastest road that I’ve discovered to legitimate unity between pastors and churches is prayer. As we call pastors to host us, and then travel with us each Friday, we are developing key relationships and breaking through division.

We are calling together 1000 people to pray with us and the pastors of Detroit every Friday night from 10pm to midnight. Check out the schedule and location of the next prayer event at our newly redesigned site: The favor of God is on this prayer movement as doors of churches across the region are opening to a growing team of prayer warriors!

theLab Internshipimage

Can you help us spread the world all the way around the world about the next internship at theLab?

After our first two sessions which have been made up mostly of people local to the Detroit region, we are encouraging people from other cities and nations to join us for three months of trembling, burning and training in revival.

Head on over to and investigate the vision, the classes and the testimonies of people who have been previously equipped.

The next session begins on January 3rd, 2012. It’s not too early to apply!

The cost of the internship is $699, which includes books, event fees, classes and the internship experience.

If you register by November 30, 2011, you qualify for the early registration discount of $200!

PLUS, if you are a student (ages 18-25) or a minister, you get an additional 50% discount!

Apply today at

If you have questions, contact us at [email protected].


There is a rising remnant of prophetic messengers who are consumed by fire and propelled by a burning zeal for advancing God’s Kingdom. Discover more about this critical end-time ministry.

The most critical fuel the church needs to go empower every key ministry is the same fuel we need to launch us in our personal lives. That fuel is the burning desire that results from an intimate encounter with the Lover of our souls.

Offended hearts are imprisoned hearts. This teaching has set many people free, and you will learn how to grow in God without the hindrance of offense slowing you down.

There is a dramatic and wildly dynamic life of revelation that is available to all of us. Learn how to hear God clearly, encounter his heart and advance with a precision focus of prayer and intercession.

You are a carrier of the mighty presence of God. As you pick up the Ark of God’s presence and move ahead through rivers and around imposing walled cities, you will lead the people through their own seemingly impossible situations.

First, you will discover the wonder of freedom from personal struggles, fears and obstacles. Then, you’ll learn how to set the captives free!

There are over 19,000 cities in the nation, and none of them are experiencing the biblical normalcy of revival. You will investigate how to initiate a step-by-step process of transformation and revival in your city.

Many in the church are convinced they do not play a significant role in God’s great plan. That strategy of the enemy will be dealt with directly as we learn how God sees each of us-as mighty people of valor.

There is a baptism of Fire for every Believer in Jesus Christ. Experience this Fire personally and learn how to release as burning men and women of God.

There is a way to interact with authorities in our lives that will result in a great escape into the wilderness of encounter. Learn how you can move out in abundant life and extreme freedom while running well with the leaders God has put into your life.