Absalom: A church destroying spirit | 8 Signs you are under its influence

Absalom is a church destroying spirit that is fueled by human wisdom, complaint and gossip.

I’ve written and taught on the Absalom spirit quite a bit, including in a provocative article I wrote yesterday. I’d strongly encourage you to read it here: https://burton.tv/2013/08/08/a-raw-revealing-direct-message-from-my-heart-troubler-of-israel/

imageInterestingly, I received two emails today that hit on the topics in that article yesterday. One was from David Wilkerson on “Troubler of Israel” and the other was from Lance Wallnau on the Absalom spirit. I will include that article below.

I share some key revelation on that spirit in my book Covens in the Church, and I’d encourage you to pick it up. It’s only $2.99 on Kindle here: http://www.amazon.com/Covens-in-the-Church-ebook/dp/B005F0I1FG/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1312782087&sr=1-1


The Absalom strategy of the enemy is brilliant.

This spirit is fueled by human wisdom, complaint, gossip and a desire to prove what is right and to use that information to force change in a church. The complaints are often accurate, yet they aren’t driven by the spirit of truth, they are empowered by a demonic spirit.

When I say the complaints are accurate, what I mean is that people have analyzed the situation and arrived at a conclusion that is factually correct. Scripture can usually be found to support the argument. For example, the Bible tells us to take care of the poor. Someone in union with an Absalom spirit might take up the offense of the poor and accuse the church leadership of failure to serve them. The offense can spread and people can rally together and attempt to find someone in the church with influence and authority who will agree with them.

Whenever people attempt to satisfy legitimate needs via manipulation, that is witchcraft. Absalom is drunk on the spirit of witchcraft.


How can you know if you are under the influence of the Absalom demon? Here are some indicators:

  1. Gossip: This should be the easiest indicator, yet even the most seasoned Christians fall victim to the spirit of gossip all the time. I’d discovered that very few really understand what gossip really is.
    Here’s my favorite definition: Gossip is any discussion about a person or an entity (such as a church, group or business) that the person or leader of the entity would disapprove of.
    Would your pastor approve of your discussion about the church? If not, you are under the influence of Absalom.
  2. Right vs. Wrong: Are you living in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil by attempting to prove yourself right and your leaders wrong? Or, are you living in the Tree of Life that results in honoring and serving them?
  3. Contrary Visions: You and others in the church may see the need for something, such as a soup kitchen, small group ministry or evangelism emphasis. While this may be a valid need, you have to ask the question, “Does it agree with the specific vision of my church?” All churches aren’t assigned to have soup kitchens, for example. It’s important to come under the vision of the house and leave other focuses on your shelf until God enables you to run with it.
  4. Gathering Others: Are you seeking support for your viewpoint? If you are gathering other people around you who have the same concerns as you, you can know that the same thing happened in the story of Absalom.
  5. Stealing Hearts: As you gather others, are you stealing their hearts, or are you affirming the pastor or leader they have been assigned by God to? Absalom stole the hearts of people who were under the care of David by listening to their complaints. Always call people to be loyal to their leaders and to approach them, not you, with their complaints.
  6. Disengaging: Are you running strong with the leader or are you shrinking back into a smaller group of disgruntled people?
  7. Matthew 18: Are you applying Matthew 18 protocol to situations you are concerned about? Do you approach leadership alone with your concerns, or do you violate Matthew 18 by involving other people and seeking their counsel?
  8. Division: Have you considered aborting your assignment in the church God planted you in by dividing off into another church? A lot of churches are born out of rebellion in the spirit of Absalom. Is this a desire of your heart? Or, are you willing to grow through the challenge in your current church?

I’ve watched the Absalom spirit absolutely destroy people and churches. The human wisdom that fuels it feels extremely spiritual! The arguments seem scriptural! However, the spirit is deadly.

One possible indicator that you have been impacted by Absalom is how you move from one church to another. If your influence to move on came through arguments of others, and you didn’t involve your leader in the decision, you’ve been hit by Absalom! You should be looking for counsel from the leader God gave you before you talk to others, and certainly before you actually make a decision to leave. Key partnerships of God have been dismantled through the Absalom strategy, and it has left the mission of Kingdom advance at risk.

Here’s the article by Lance Wallnau:

Beware of This Spirit … Absalom!

By Lance Wallnau

Remember my earlier posts on WITCHCRAFT? Here is an update —-Beware the SPIRIT OF ABSALOM who whispers in the ear to the discontented -against YOU!

Tonight I talked with the owner of a growing tech company who was perplexed by the behavior of a key employee. As we talked I kept seeing in my mind the face of an architect friend of mine. The architect had a key employee who one day announced he was leaving the company. He walked off with most of the employee's and all my friends key clients. It was devastating. He did so with out warning. So tonight I heard the word “Absalom” strong in my spirit. This was Absalom.

With this warning in mind I advised my friend tonight accordingly. There may be time to fix this…cause to be honest, this spirit can be active in anyone till you discern how it maneuvers and decide to have no part in it. In my early years, till this was exposed, i was challenged by this spirit. But once it bites you – you never forget it.

Absalom was the third son of David. His sister, Tamar, had been sexually abused and cast aside by David's eldest son, Amnon. (You see just one of the problem's that come's with multiple wives?) David loved his family, but he was a weak and flawed father. He didn't deal with the family problem and Absalom stewed in bitterness until he came up with his own solution – killing his brother. His bitterness, still not satisfied led him to a strategy that would produce the greatest threat to David he ever experienced.

Here is how this Absalom spirit operates. (2 Sam 15:1-31)

Absalom sat near the gate of the city and looked for people who were discontented or had problems. He would sympathize with them and tell them that if he were the leader it would all be different. Essentially, he sowed disloyalty and stole the hearts of the people away from the one God put in authority – and transferred that affection to himself. It worked. David's top team member's were seduced by this spirit.

Whenever Absalom showed up at the gate he had 50 men to run before him. ( In the Bible “50” is the number of Jubilee, when economic deliverance came every 50 years….. It is also the number of days between the resurrection and Pentecost. 50 is the number of the anointing.

This spirit will be close to the top, have talent, be bitter, feel entitled to more than God has yet given and split the business or ministry in a conspiracy – after whispering and planting seed's of disloyalty into the heart of those who are discontent, saying “oh that I were leader.” The number “50” means they are a false deliverer operating with a counterfeit anointing. Eventually they will cause division and destruction and hurt even themselves severely – in the spiritual backlash.

Absalom died because his glorious long head of hair got entangled in branches of a tree. His pride in lifting up his head over Davids eventually killed him. Absalom's are often attractive people. This son was very attractive and especially his hair. While struggling to get free he got hit with three darts. Jewish tradition say's one dart represented the betrayal of his brother, the next his father and thirdly the nation.

What saved David was the “Favor” of God that still shielded him.

Those who are not loyal are not part of your next level. Where there is interaction with key clients – make sure YOU do it also. No need to be paranoid, but keep your personal touch on the clients producing 80% of your revenue. Don't just send Absalom to shmooze key relations. Re-engage the hearts of your key relationships. Check on any new biz pipeline developing and meet those people. Absalom will tell you to keep out. Go in anyway. See what is going on.

Finally- talk to executive coaches and trainers like me. In a single day or few sessions we can walk your employees thru a process that will shift them into alignment and accountability in a fun and practical way. These spirits can be thwarted when “thrown in to the light.” Like all demons, that can only operate in the dark.

WARNING: if you have any tendency to control people or insecurity do not misunderstand this post. Last thing I want to see is a David getting treated like Absalom. You want to hire talent that can do and be better than you. You simply want them to be loyal. To do that YOU have to invest in the relationship….and watch. Cause these people are charming but self centered…watch.