CoFI Media ministry update

I’m working hard at building a smooth running media ministry machine!

I wanted to give all of you an update on the plans for our growing and developing media ministry. So many of you have written me expressing your appreciation for the message and the opportunity to connect with us. The feeling is mutual!

imageWe are currently getting settled in our Branson, Missouri home, and some of the necessary projects have been more time and energy consuming than we had anticipated—so, the daily CoFI Break videos have not been, well, daily!

The contractors are here as I speak putting the finishing touches on a fairly big job in the basement which includes rebuilding a wall in my studio. In addition to that some additional construction is ahead of us in the studio as we continue to make it ready. We’ll also be setting up the stage, adding new cameras, lighting, and other equipment soon (hopefully VERY soon!) so the broadcasts will continue to be more sporadic than I’d like.

I know it’s important to stay consistent and it wont be long before almost daily videos will be arriving in your inbox.


Another project that I’m working on that is taking longer than I would have hoped is our media archive.

The goal is to have all of our past audio and video teachings available for our Media Partners to access.

The most recent 30 days of audio and video teachings are available to anybody at no cost. For those who want to go back further they will have the option to subscribe at $10 per month.

We will also be adding several new downloadable audio teachings that you can buy and keep on any of your devices.


Tomorrow you will have access to the first teaching of a brand new series titled Four Fires. You DON’T want to miss this series.

You will discover how to burn hot for Jesus every and and how to grow deep in preparation of revival!

You can access it (tomorrow) and other teachings here:


Parker and I are about to head out to Collinsville, Illinois for a weekend of meetings. Pray that the fire falls as I communicate the life altering message of Jesus!

If you’d like to host me at an event in your region, it’s EASY to do so! Go to and fill out the form. I’ll be in touch right away!

New Ministry Partnership Packet

JBMMinistryPackThe new Ministry Partnership Packet is ready for you to look at! CLICK HERE to  check it out.

Amy and I are missionaries to Detroit, and we are intently focused on establishing a base of night and day prayer and a hub of revival projects that are already impacting hungry people.

First, a primary joy of mine is taking the fire of God to churches and conferences. In the ministry packet you will see info on how to request a booking. I’d love to connect with you and hear your heart for people.

Also, we are aggressively (super aggressively!) seeking new financial partners who have a passion for transformed lives.

capture-00000091We’re experiencing a personal shortfall of approximately $1930 a month and need several new friends to erase that as soon as possible. The church, on the contrary, is doing fairly well financially. We do receive a small salary, but we also need to keep some reserves for our ministry projects. Therefore, our personal expenses must be covered via fundraising and other methods.

Take a look at the packet, and contact me at 313.799.3473 or [email protected].

You can donate to the Burton Family (it’s tax-deductible) at

I pray huge revival blessings in your life!