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There's a Book in You by John Burton

Do you have a message burning in your spirit? Have people told you that there's a book in you?
Have you had dreams or visions that you feel should get into the hands of as many people as possible?

John Burton, author of ten books to date, shares his very simple process for writing and publishing books.
You can have your first book in your hands within the month!

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Carry Like Mary by John Burton

Carry Like MaryYou have superpowers. It’s time to change the world.

Yes, I know, that sounds quite sensationalistic and like unrealistic hype. How sad that is!

You may not feel like you have such awesome power burning through you. That’s OK. It’s how you handle that power that matters. Too many resort to living a life that looks little different than that which atheists live. They presume themselves to be limited by their human strength and ability—and sadly, so do many Christians.

Others are quite different. They are determined to let the fire of God blast through them in the midst of their frail human condition.

If God is fully within you, your weakness and your inability suddenly become meaningless!

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The Coming Church

The Coming Church by John Burton

“I had an encounter that left me shaken and shocked.
What I saw was clearly a picture of the church…clearly in my spirit, that is, because my intellect was confounded. It didn’t make sense.
In my encounter, the vision I saw was shocking and quite mysterious. I have had many visions of the Church, of reformation, but this one was markedly different. It sure didn’t look like a vision of the Church, but it immediately felt like one.
I was standing in an apocalyptic looking environment. It was dark and weighty. In front of me was an absolutely massive, burning crater. God immediately revealed to me that I was looking at the soon coming Church.”

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Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake: A Simple Guide to Starting a Church, a Ministry or Other Life Project

I often feel like a freak in the Kingdom. It's not because I don't fit in, or because I don't have great friends and connections in the ministry. Rather, it's because I'm continually provoked by the possibilities to change the world through various ministries, projects and endeavors-and that results in a lot of action, shifting, trial and error that takes many beyond their comfort zones. As a visionary, my heart is to provoke and awaken a generation to the greatness of God, and I am seeking any and every vehicle I can find, or invent, to get that message out there.

God is looking for people to blaze a new trail-people who won't delay and who won't wait for others to affirm them with a vigorous thumb's up. He is seeking people, like Paul, who have the confidence to run the race and call people to follow them as they follow Christ.

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    • 20 Elements of Revival
    • The Coming Church
    • The Terror of Hell
    • Six Enemies
    • Piece of Cake
    • Covens in the Church
    • Pharaoh in the Church
    • Carry Like Mary
    • There's a Book in You
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Six EnemiesSix Enemies by John Burton
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There are enemies who are threatened by your destiny. Prepare to push back.

Planted in all of us at conception is a deep desire to fulfill our purpose on the Earth. Some are consumed by this persistent call to the point of fatigue, anxiety and burnout. This book will help reignite the fire of passionate pursuit toward your fulfilled destiny.


The Tone of the Groan (CD) by John Burton
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There is a new sound that's coming to the church. It's a sound of revival that explodes from deep within. This groan in the Spirit will break death and depression off of desperate people.

This message will rock your spirit as you encounter a corporate advance into breakthrough via the supernatural groan of the Holy Spirit.


20 Elements of Revival by John Burton
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The contention of this book is simple: The extreme manifest presence of God is the biblical norm for New Testament believers. We label it many ways: revival, an outpouring, renewal, and certainly different moves of God have distinct flavors to them. However, regardless of the descriptive term we attach to it, we simply are not experiencing it. As we investigate a simple and powerful formula for revival, we will find ourselves deeply provoked and advancing with extreme momentum toward the goal of a city-wide outpouring of the Holy Spirit!


The Terror of HellThe Terror of Hell by John Burton
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The true story of a an encounter with the forces of Hell.

This story reveals clearly the association that salvation has with the pursuit of intimacy with God.

God yearns for our affection, and the enemy is fighting to lull the church to sleep-and Hell is often the price to pay.


The Significant Life by Amy Burton
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During the lonely weeks and months following the death of their unborn or newly born child, most parents seek to affirm the existence of their baby. Well-intentioned comments such as, “It's for the best,” or “You can have another one,” minimize the significance of the lost child and suggest that he or she was irrelevant or replaceable. The Significant Life seeks to meet the most basic needs of bereaved parents by validating their grief and celebrating the life of their miscarried or stillborn son or daughter.


Revelation Driven Prayer
Revelation Driven Prayer 
by John Burton
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Job 11:7 “Can you search out the deep things of God? Can you find out the limits of the Almighty?”

The message of Revelation Driven Prayer will help launch you into the unusual and deep things of God that he has prepared specifically for you.



Covens in the Church

BOOK ONE: Covens in the Churchby John Burton
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A nest of demons has gathered to violently assault the church worldwide-all with the church’s agreement.

Join in on a discussion on the issues of unity, authority and mission advance.

As we lock arms in intentional agreement, and refuse to move out of position because of offense or hurt, the church will fulfill its mission of Kingdom advance.


Pharaoh in the ChurchBOOK TWO: Pharaoh in the Church by John Burton
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This book is a burning message, an Exodus call that originated in at least a small way like the original Exodus call in a burning bush. Moses experienced the zeal of the deliverer to see His people free to encounter Him. The goal of this book is for you to discover the pounding heart of God in a way that, I believe, will result in a deep and resounding cry of agreement to embrace a radical revolution in the church.



The Inscriptionby Amy Burton
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Having each faced personal loss, a group of strangers gathers at a cemetery for support. The bestowment of several miraculous gifts brings resolution, and a mysterious inscription holds the ultimate key to healing.