Robert Burton

John & Amy Burton have a history of excellence in ministry as pastors, church planters, authors, conference speakers, city prayer leaders, internship directors and consultants. They planted a church in the Colorado Springs area (Manitou Springs) and currently travel extensively. Prophecy, revival and the house of prayer movement are some of their key teaching focuses. You can learn more about John & Amy here.


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He was a Catholic priest, studied in Rome, met a nun in confession, got to know her, fell in love, left the ministry, got married and the rest is history!

He loved Chicago sports teams.

He and his family moved from Chicago to Omaha, Arkansas (pop. 191) and worked for Silver Dollar City for 27 years.

"All I can tell you about Bob Burton boils down to this: In two short years of knowing him, he accomplished what an army of people, including my wife, attempted for decades, and failed: he brought me to Jesus. All of the others pushed, but Bob led. He led with love, and understanding, and tolerance and with patience. Lots of patience! He was a kind, kind man, who gave of himself so that others could have a piece of him to hold onto through this sometimes difficult life. And he did that with love, and gladness in his heart. He was an extraordinarily special friend to me, and I am happy for him that he has found that peaceful place to rest forever. Thank you, Bob, for what you gave to me. And thanks also, to Barb and his family, who shared him with so many of us."

Vinnie Oakes
Reno, Nevada

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